Lion Gun


LION GUN - Electric Torque Wrench

Durable - Precise - Portable

The LION GUN Electric Torque Tool with built-in data recording offers unmatched portability and convenience, simplifying safe and accurate bolting. This 18-Volt battery powered tool has a torque capacity of up to 700 ft-lbs. and the capability to record jobs performed. This tool is compatible with conventional sockets, the HYTORC Washer, and the HYTORC Nut.

Data Capture & DOcumentation

Using Bluetooth technology, the tool can capture and store data through the HYTORC Connect App, which means increased quality control on any bolting job.

Improved Safety

Unlike battery impact wrenches, this electric torque multiplier uses planetary gears to deliver torque with low vibration, greatly reducing the risk of hand-arm vibration (HAVS) injuries.

Fleet Management

Combined with the HYTORC Grip Tight Nut and the HYTORC Connect App, the Lion Gun Tool is the perfect solution for repeatable, quality work for various vehicle bolting applications.

Lion Gun Accessories

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