What is Throttle Therapy Motorsports?

Although it's obvious that Throttle Therapy Motorsports is seriously involved in, well, motorsports, the crew and the brand has a vision far beyond the race track. Not only do we support various levels of track experiences and competitive race days, we are cultivating a community and bringing a style and stoke to the scene like nobody has seen before.

With this approach in early '22, we set out to build Throttle Therapy around the things we love; community, style, and a whole lotta throttle. From race cars to bikes, rebuilds to mods, Throttle Therapy is embracing and building a culture that shares a passion for all things with wheels! Just a bunch of rad humans exploiting life's greatest secret:

Smiles Per Hour

Throttle Therapy


Racing. Vintage. Lifestyle.

Building Community Through

Smiles Per Hour

Rad humans

Rad Culture

throt·tle ther·a·py (verb)

The act of pressing, twisting, or stomping on an accelerator that enhances the human's ability of speed. It is known to release elevated levels of adrenaline and dopamine, thus inducing smiles per hour.


Comfy. Basic. Loud. You choose.

Bringing stoke, style, and professionalism


Throttle Therapy Racing Sponsors

Bringing people together and building a culture can't be done alone.

Thanks to all of our racing sponsors, we have the ability to reach just a bit further!

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